Relax zone

The body is the temple of the soul. Caring for it is an expression of love to ourselves. Wellness is about feeling good – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Our guests can enjoy the time spent in the warm indoor pool with mineral water.

The Jacuzzi is the ideal place to relax before or after spa treatments where the water jets gently massage your body.

After the time spent in the hammam your skin will be improved and toxins will be removed. Hot steam increases blood circulation, stimulates the heart and lungs, improves metabolism and qualitative composition of blood, activities of the endocrine glands, relieves pain.

The stay in the Finish sauna increases oxygen intake, increasing cardiac activity and purifies your skin of toxins. The high temperature and low level of humidity leads to dilation of blood vessels and in this way a larger quantity of blood reaches to the skin.

The salty room stimulates healthy perspiration of the body and the body can free itself from harmful poisons, toxins, metals and accumulated cholesterol. Along with the release of harmful substances through the pores of the skin, dead cells are also removed.

In our beauty salon can find hairdressing, manicure and pedicure.

The modern fitness center of the hotel is suitable for active guests who want to maintain their shape.